So, who needs web security?

If you run your own website, you need to protect it. It is just like locking your door, installing a car alarm or putting a password on your computer. We’ve all seen recent headlines about cyber attacks on major companies like Sony, LinkedIn, and Facebook. But these kinds of attacks are rare. Large corporate attacks are like someone trying to break into the Louvre to steal the Mona Lisa. This is potentially incredibly lucrative, but it is also incredibly challenging for the thief. Thieves are typically not that ambitious; most theft occurs when the thief sees a combination of opportunity and vulnerability (like breaking into a home, stealing a car or snatching a purse from a pedestrian). In cyber life, we see the same kind of behavior with malicious hackers and small businesses.

According to the 2012 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, small businesses are the preferred target for malicious hackers. Criminal hackers who target small business don’t do it for the attention; they want to fly below the radar, so they hack into as many sites as possible and steal whatever information they can from the websites they target. And attacks against small business are very common. According to 6Scan data, 7% of website requests are malicious. This translates to a website that receives 350 daily visits averages 1 hack attempt per hour, every hour, of every day. Some of these attempts will not be successful, but others may be.

Some of you have been using 6Scan for some time, and you know what it’s about. For those of you who are new to 6Scan, here is a quick summary: 6Scan tells you if your website is vulnerable for attack by hackers and provides the information detailing your site vulnerability to you for free. You then have the option to address the exposed areas on your own, or (for the less tech-savvy or time restricted individuals) you can pay a small subscription fee so that 6Scan can automatically fix vulnerabilities for you, and if necessary remove malware.

Let’s recap. Who needs website security? Technically, everyone… but small business owners need to be even more careful to not become the target of a mischievous hacker. 6Scan can help give you peace of mind, so that you can continue on with what is important…running your business.