Chris Weltzien – CEO 
Chris has been building successful security businesses for the past decade. As president and chief operating officer of Exploit Prevention Labs, he led the growth of the company from inception through its sale to AVG Technologies. Prior to that, Chris was Vice President of Consumer Business at Zone Labs, Inc. playing a key role in growing consumer revenue and expanding Zone Labs install base to more than 30 million worldwide users prior to Zone Labs sale to Check Point Technologies in 2005. Chris has also held key business roles with security vendors AVG and Avira.

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Nitzan Miron – Co-Founder & President
Nitzan is an experienced tech entrepreneur and security expert. Nitzan’s greatest joy is seeing the evolution from idea to design to working product. After doing so for six years as a security architect in Israel’s “Matzov” data security unit, where he was responsible for designing the next-generation military data security devices, Nitzan moved on to the web security space, where he built and secured web applications and frameworks, first as a consultant and later as an entrepreneur.

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Yaron Tal – Co-Founder & CTO
Yaron is an experienced tech entrepreneur and security expert with 13 years of experience in turning ideas into products. Yaron was recruited to Israel’s “Matzov” data security unit, where he lead development of military data security systems, as well as design of security infrastructures and algorithms. Prior to 6Scan, Yaron held a key part in taking two startups from concept to working product, in the WiFi and cloud computing spaces. Follow him on his personal blog Startup Internals.

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Gregor Freund – Board Advisor 
Gregor is a technologist and entrepreneur with a storied history of innovation and start-up success over the past two decades. As co-founder and CEO of Zone Labs (acquired by Check Point Software), Gregor is credited with inventing the personal firewall and bringing an award-winning holistic consumer security solution to market. Before founding Zone Labs, Gregor joined former Borland CEO Philippe Kahn as a founding engineer at Starfish Software (acquired by Motorola). Starfish developed much of the core IP for device synchronization in the wireless industry. Currently Gregor is CEO of Versal, an open publishing platform for anyone to create interactive online courses.

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John Sell – Board Advisor 
John is an entrepreneur with over 30 years of operating and investing experience in computing. As a Venture Partner with Crossroads Ventures, John is primarily focused on infrastructure and technology that supports Hyper-growth including cloud computing, virtualization, data movement and security. Prior to joining Crossroads John was a founder and the CEO of Network Computing Services (NCSI) until its sale in 2000 to netASPx. NCSI was at the forefront of cloud computing, providing high performance computing services to the financial services, petrochemical, automotive, and aerospace industries as well as to academia and the US Government. NCSI was responsible for breakthrough offerings in on-demand interactive computing, parallel processing, large-scale data storage and advanced networking technologies. Prior to serving as the CEO of NCSI, John founded and served as President of the Minnesota Supercomputer Center, which became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cray Research in 1994. John also served as a Center Director/Principal Investigator for the National Science Foundation Advanced Scientific Computing Program and was one of the individuals responsible for the Department of Defense Army High Performance Research Center. Earlier in his career, John was an Associate Director of the University of Minnesota Computer Center and a Development Officer for the University of Minnesota.



YL Ventures
YL Ventures is a global venture capital firm that was founded to address the changing venture capital financing landscape. The firm invests in high technology start-up companies and, within a short timeframe, brings them to market by introducing and marketing them to global strategic players. YL Ventures combines its capital with deep engineering and market expertise, thereby facilitating a highly efficient model for technological innovation.
Venture Geeks
Venturegeeks is a the first Startup Accelerator Program in Israel. Venturegeeks gives Israeli early-stage startups a pre-seed kick-start while transforming them from great ideas to successful start-ups. Venturegeeks’ solution integrates pre-seed funding, mentorship and high-tech entrepreneurship community support to provide early-stage ventures with a professionally guided boost within a period of 3 months.