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Top 10 Best Looking Real Estate Agent Websites

Looking for the Best Real Estate Agent websites?

After researching the Real Estate industry, we have curated the 10 best agent websites for you. Talking with Intagent, they said that every real estate agent deserves a well designed website to showcase his/her properties for wider and easy reach.

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Here are list of top ten real estate agents website to consider.

Chad Carrol – Miami Beach, Florida

Chad Carrol showscaces stunning photos, addresses and asking prices for their featured properties. The creativity expressed on their website let a visitor’s know what kind of properties to expect from Chad Carrol.

Their valuable resources are showcased on their homepage – their people. Visitors can easily fine the brokers and Realtors behind this realms estate website.

Kyle Blevins – Los Angeles, California

As one off the youngest Realtor in Los Angeles, Kyle Blevins has positioned himself strongly by his online presence. Maturity and professionalism exude from the design of his real-estate agent website,

The grid layout of featured communities, the carousel of exclusive listings and the customized property search are clearly delineated with clean lines. His real-estate website is refined with a color palette of white, Gray and navy which makes it intuitive.

With seamless user experience characterized by dressed-up yet classic layout, the website is top-notch. The website has established Kyle Blevins as a force to be reckoned by the image it conveys.

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Quiana Watson – Atlanta, Georgia

Once you visit Quaina Watson’s real-estate website, words that immediately comes to mind are sophisticated, sleek and stylish. Earning her a spot at the top 5% of top producing real estate professionals by Atlanta Realtors Association is her integrity, loyalty and professionalism.

She specializes in luxury real estate throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Quaina’s website serves as a perfect introduction to her unmatched services, showcasing some of the finest luxury homes in the Metro Atlanta area. Her website offers helpful resources like home valuation tools, buyers’ guide, quick search features and much more. Find out more when you visit her website.

Sally Forster Jones – Beverly Hills, California.

Sally Forster fully captures the finest elements of Southern California living in her luxury real estate website. Her website is an invitation for clients to immerse themselves in a life of unparalleled sophistication both new and old.

She incorporated videos of exquisite homes and breathtaking Los Angeles backdrop that greets every visitor on the homepage, making it impossible to look away without exploring further. Her website consists of featured listings represented in a stunning fashion with vivid, high-resolution photography that provides impressive previews of each home and it details.

Sally Forster loaded her website homepage with information and beyond that she had IDX broker set up which includes versatile search function, updated MLS listings and property alerts.

The Oppenheim Group – Los Angeles, California

Look in for Los Angeles luxury personified? The Oppenheim Group’s online is just that. Visitors immediately experience what it could be like living the high life in Los Angeles. Black-and-White images come to life and turn to color with a single hover.

This effect is employed in Oppenheim Group’s team photo introducing each of her agents. Their website is lined up with a scarlet red accent, along with clean lines and a stylish sans-serif font.

The website features in-depth neighbourhood profiles, real-estate resources, home valuation, features and more. The Menu Bar and navigation panel have all the details a real-estate website should offer.

Stein New York – New York, N.Y

With polished design, sharp full screen background images of luxury and elegance of New York City properties, does a great job at showcasing their properties. Their design comes with a stylish navy blue and gray colour scheme blended very well with simple pared-down design elements.

The comprehensive experience is well polished. Their website embodied everything that is New York – modern, brimming energy and chic with their colour lines, subdued pallets and excellent use of accent colours. The uncomplicated user interface allows the design and the content to shine without upstaging the other. Their quick and easy navigation are paired with subtle animations.

Ernie Carswell – Beverly Hills, California

When it comes to luxury real estate in LA, Ernie Carswell & Associates’ website represents exactly that. As one of the most prestigious names in luxury LA real estate, Ernie Carswell deserves the best luxury real estate website.

The easy-to-use interface, sophisticated colour palette, smooth animations, elegant fonts, Ernie Carswell & Associates’ website simply clicks together. Their website provides an overview of different Los Angeles neighbourhood when you explore the “Explore LA Neighbourhoods” section.

It provides essential information, real-estate options, the best destinations and what is the lifestyle in each area. Head over to know more.

The Altman Brothers – Beverly Hills, CA

The Altman Brothers website is as outstanding as they are, featuring a dynamic homepage video that showcases the best of Los Angeles luxury real-estate. The straightforward forward navigating experience provided by the fluid grid layout, vivid images, crispy and clean buttons makes it easy to access.

This website represents the unique energy and expertise of Bravo Tv’s Million Dollar Listing as it encapsulates the casual elegance of West Los Angeles and the Platinum Triangle.

With their branding integrated seamlessly across the website from the animation effect to background and the colour scheme, no details was overlooked.

Egypt Sherrod – Atlanta, Georgia

Her signature flair is showcased with light teal and purple accents seen throughout he website which makes the colour scheme modern and tasteful. Her homepage strikes the perfect balance between content and design.

Egypt Sherrod  real estate website in a nutshell – Style and Substance. Whether you are a buyer, seller or investor, her website is fully packed with resources for you.

While it is packed with lots of resources like featured properties across Greater Atlanta, preferred vendor details and helpful real-estate blog posts. The layout makes it easy to access and not overwhelming.

Real estate agents showcase

Aaron Kidman – Beverly Hills,.CA

Aaron sets the new industry standard for best real-estate website. Aaron has over $5.5 billion in career sales to his name. His homepage features a stunning black & white web design defined by clean lines, crisp images and ease-to-use viewing properties.

Aaron’s upcoming CNBC show – Listing Impossible, homes for sale as well as more about him can easily be found by visitors. Aaron displays the best luxury homes in Beverly Hills and worldwide through high-impact imagery and exquisite presentation.

His beautiful real estate website scores high on user experience and website design while staying true to his brand and identity.

Getting a well designed and secured website is ideal for every real estate agent. Outsourcing your website management well ease your workloads and increase your efficiency. Ensure to get one today.

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Website Management

Website Management:Read This Before Doing Anything

Many businesses are unaware what it takes to run a website nor what website management entails. There are so many website management services out there, and it can be confusing to comprehend what each entails.

Our major business area is to assist clients with website management services.

Website Management

What Exactly is Website Management?

Website Management includes all the services combined needed to effectively and efficiently operate a successful website so that you don’t have to worry about anything. For us when you assign us your website to manage, we do all the heavy lifting while you just tell us what you need.

When you share your vision and mission with us, we translate them into your website yielding you the exact result expected. Some industry best practices must be followed to obtain maximum results.

There are three key categories of Website Management, and they include.

. Website Content Management

. Website Support Services

. Website Security

When you get these things right, you can operate a successful online business with little or no hitches.

Website Content Management

Website Content Management is one of the biggest and most important aspect of any website Management Services. A periodic update with new contents remains the one of the most important thing you can do to make your website successful.

To add contents is not as simple as pasting texts and publishing it. Content Management involve things like creating contents, publishing blog post, adding images, fixing web pages, and the likes.

Example – If you run and eCommerce website, you have to keep updating your website with current products, stock availability, and other changes that are vital to your business. These changes can be traumatic, and you may not have time to handle them, and that calls for outsourcing. These services could go with enterprise content management which is more robust.

To get best result experience on your website, you must optimize your website contents. You need a proper understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Hypertext Markup Language – HTML to properly format your website contents and that is a Science and an Art.

This equally holds true for images which should be optimized with tags and compressed for faster loading.

Website SEO

Website Security

This is the most crucial aspect of a good website management service. On a regular basis, every website is attacked by hackers and Cyber criminals trying to steal information or take over the website. A vital website management component is making sure your website is secure and free from vulnerabilities.

Majority of the attacks on every website are automated and are designed to attack your website users or phish for information using your website as a platform.

Website Secure includes both passive active management. Passive management includes setting up good firewalls and security measures that block attackers. Active management includes malware scans and updating your website architecture.

These measures are implemented to help keep your website safe, secure and maintain trust relationship between your business and your customers.

Website Management Support

Website Support

All other aspects of website management services are enclosed in website support. The services ranges from responding to questions on the website, tweaking the layouts or navigation. Password reset or forgotten password, e-mail support and other support services that will be vital to your online presence are included.

Talking with Redevolution, ” a website management team consisting of a designer, coder and search marketing expert represents an overhead of around £100k A year…”, they said.

Website support services can either be outsourced to companies like 6Scan or handled by your team in-house. Outsourcing these services is less expensive as you may be unable to find an effective employee in all website management aspects.