Security Report

6Scan, a leading website security company, started a partnership with Locaweb to offer more security to its hosting customers. Find out if your site is vulnerable to attack or exposed to hackers with a completely free security report.

Enter your website address below for immediate review. The results will show if your site is free of vulnerabilities, malware and blacklist insertions. And if you are really exposed … learn how to solve these problems.

Attacks on large companies gain prominence – while millions of small businesses are targeted every day. Hackers attack small businesses for the same reason they started attacking computers in the previous decade: the number is greater and security is weak. Hackers do not discriminate in these attacks. They do not consult the yellow pages when choosing their target. They simply create code to find, attack and corrupt vulnerable websites. Large and small businesses are at the same risk, as well as non-profit institutions, NGOs and blogs. In fact, most of the corporate websites that are hacked are small and not the Top 500 most valuable companies or large ecommerces. Despite this, many small business owners think they will not be hit. For a malicious user, every website is a potential source of money. To learn more about how hackers monetize these actions and what vulnerabilities are most exploited.
6Scan is the first website security tool that automatically analyzes and resolves vulnerabilities in real time. It was designed for small businesses, blogs and website owners who don’t have IT resources but still need to keep their website secure to protect their visitors, their brand and their source of revenue. The 6Scan scanner works in the cloud, detects known vulnerabilities and simulates commands used in hostile attacks to search for flaws on the site, making these problems available in a simple and objective report. 6Scan’s exclusive technology automatically resolves these flaws in seconds, preventing any type of hacker attack. The security analysis is carried out specifically so as not to affect the performance of your website or interfere with the navigation of your visitors.