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The 6Scan cloud-based scanner not only detects vulnerabilities, it simulates commands used in hostile attacks to scour your websites for holes created by flawed code. You might not be aware if your site has already been compromised, but our scanner will recognize the traces hackers leave behind. You’ll see immediate results—as comprehensive as they are easy to understand—displayed on our dashboard. This process is free.



When you purchase a 6Scan subscription our patent-pending technology automatically fixes any security issues as soon as they occur. We proactively eliminate attack vectors so hackers move on to other targets. You won’t be asked to review threat assessments or make decisions about repairs—we manage the entire process directly on your site, and your dashboard will be updated constantly to show successful resolutions.



6Scan will continue to monitor your site for new vulnerabilities and suspicious website traffic. Any new vulnerabilities or attacks will trigger 6Scan to immediately apply the appropriate protection. As with all our security, this process can be monitored from your dashboard where you have the opportunity to roll back any changes.



6Scan leverages our massive user base and expert research team to identify emerging threats and neutralize them before they impact our customers. Hackers never sleep, and neither does 6Scan: by the time the next critical exploit hits the news, you’ll already be protected.


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As part of the 6Scan security community you benefit from the volume of threats we see and stop every second of every day. Our advanced technology learns from every incident so we can constantly improve our performance and protection. This advanced protection, combined with our patent-pending automation, makes 6Scan your best choice for website security.

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“If you rely on your site for any aspect of your business, 6Scan helps you find and manage vulnerabilities quickly and easily.”


“I recommend that you check out 6Scan Security.”


With 6Scan keeping a website clean doesn’t have to be a big burden on a company with sparse technical resources.
– Network World


“Crucially, 6Scan disables the malware’s ability to…communicate its nefarious commands to the server.”
– VentureBeat


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